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About the Lecture Series

Richard Etulain PicIn 1985, Calvin P. Horn told David Holtby, the Senior Editor of the University of New Mexico Press, that he wished to create a lecture series honoring UNM Professor RIchard Etulain. The lecturer was to be a UNM faculty member, speaking on a topic with regional emphasis, who could, as Horn put it, "give a good lecture." Horn spoke of four qualities that he admired in Etulain, who retired from UNM as Emeritus Professor in 2001: Etulain's extraordinary productivity as a historian (which Horn called "his work ethic"), his commitment to New Mexico history, his ability to make history engaging for non-specialists, and his commitment to a faith-based life. 

Richard Etulain is an accomplished writer and editor of American Western history. He has authored or edited more than fifty books, including The Frontier and the American West (1977); The American West: A Twentieth Century History (co-authored with Michael Malone); Reimagining the Modern American West: A Century of Fiction, History, and Art (winner of the Western History Association Caughey Award from the Cowboy Hall of Fame); Telling Western Stories: From Buffalo Bill to Larry McMurty; and Cesar Chavez: A Brief Biography with Documents

Etulain leaves a legacy of excelling in interpreting Western history, accomplishing several editorial projects, and serving the University of New Mexico as a respected colleague and mentor. The Richard Etulain Lectures in Regional History honor this legacy.

Current Lectures

We will not be holding an Etulain lecture for Fall 2018 due to endowment fiscal constraints.

Past Lectures

2015     N/A

2014     Fformer U.S. Presidential candidate Senator Fred Harris, former Oklahoma state senator Dr. Rodger Randle, and New Mexico Mercury's editor and founder V.B. Price, "History, Democracy, and the Media in the Southwest"

2013     Dr. Patricia Crown (UNM Dept. of Anthropology), "A Tale of Two Species: How Chocolate and Macaws became Prestige Items in Mesoamerica, the American Southwest, and Europe"

2012     Dr. Ted Jojola (UNM School of Architecture), "Indigenous Realities: Planning for the Next Millennium"

2011     Dr. David Holtby (UNM Center for Regional Studies), "The Surprising Case of New Mexico: Some Statehood Stories and Their Meanings"

2010     Dr. Jesse Aleman (UNM Dept. of English), "From Union Officers to Cuban Rebels: The Story of the Brothers Cavada and Their American Civil Wars"

2009     Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez (UNM Dept. of Anthropology), "Acequia Communities and the Struggle for Water"

2007     Dr. Laura E. Gomez (UNM Law School), "Manifest Destiny's Legacy: Race in America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

2005     Dr. Miguel Gandert (UNM C&J), "Dancing on Hard Ground: Reading Cultural History in Photographs"

2004     Dr. Tobias Duran (Dir. UNM Center for Regional Studies)

2003     N/A

2002     Dr. Gary Scharnhorst (UNM Dept. of English), "How the Western Poem is Misread"